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Many of you are aware of this word. Especially if you are an engineer or from any other technical background. But rest are still wonder what I am talking about. Even I am also from a technical background and I was not aware of full form of this word till yesterday but one of my friends told me about it. And I realized that I should write on it.

 It is not a rocket science, it is just a abbreviate form of “Cut, Copy & Paste” Tell me, what you will feel when someone said to you that your content is just all about “cut copy and paste”. Or you stole this content from web. 
Billions of people in this world and millions of them are writer or blogger. It is possible that two people from different region have same thoughts or they share same opinion on a particular topic.

Yes it is true that a writer always write about  whatever he/she learned from their life or whatever they read on web or any other media or whatever they listen from people. It might be possible that the content which we write came from our own mind. It might be possible that it was our own creation. It takes several hour to develop content for a particular topic. And suddenly someone says that you stole content. Definitely you feel irritated at that time.

I think they don’t know, you can copy someone else content but you cannot repost it from your own blog without giving them credit for their hard work. If you are doing this then you may face some legal issues. Google tracks your every activity they know everything about your last thousand of searches. If you steal content from any other website it may be possible that you may face trouble or legal actions. Because search engines have several robotic machines that are watching your activities.
Or it is also possible, the authorized person of that particular article find you and send you a legal notice. 

If you are giving them a credit for their work then they will do not take any action against you. Because everyone likes free publicity, after all bloggers and writers are soft hearted person.J
It’s hard to produce meaningful content and very easy to steal. It is better to create and develop your own content rather than steal. Every blogger knows about blogging policies. If you enjoy writing then you can take an idea or stuff from anywhere and elaborate it in your own language. Try to write some rich content so it can attract your audience.

And for those who thinks that blogging is all about cut copy and paste, please go through their website, read their content, seek for the truth. It is not necessary that every blogger is doing so called “CCP” some of them are truthful and they want your positive response. Never discourage them.

Love, Respect and Relationship

Dear Readers, 

                    I am back with my favorite Topic….                                 

      “Love” A four letters word which contain all the happiness of the world inside in it. I have so much to write about love. 

It’s a combination of feelings, emotions, affection, attraction and attachment. It’s a mental state in which we fly in the sky without wings. No one is there who never did this. It has so many forms like, we love our parents, our siblings, our friends, our pets or to the special one with whom we want to spend our whole life. Seriously here I am thinking about my husband. It may be possible you think about someone else. Ha ha ha….

I think, today I should write only about love. We will discuss respect and relationship later. I am just kidding…..

I personally believe that the world was created and approved by “Love”. Love delights and glorifies in giving, not receiving. When you are in love, you cannot focused other important things. Because someone is always on your mind. You always want them around. They are the person of your dream.  Am I right ? They are your everything . You see them in your future. When you are in love you can not see what is right or wrong for you ?Even sometimes you compromise your self respect for your loved one. Right ? 

I swear, I am trying to stop my hands from typing about love but I can’t. Ha ha ha…

But Love is nothing without respect. If you truly love someone then you should be respect your partner. If you don’t respect your lover it means you don’t love him/her. You love your self respect then why you don’t care about your partner’s respect ? My dear, love and respect both are the natural painkillers. If you respect your partner then your relationship will be happy, healthy, long term, passionate & successful.

According to me, the main goal of a relationship is to be with each other till the last breath. Walk hand in hands  for miles. But it can not be happen if you don’t respect your partner.  You have to learn to respect your spouse or bae. It does not mean that never argue with your lover. A healthy relationship  always have some arguments.

But remember, never disrespect your partner while an argument. Whatever the situation is always try to be polite with him/her. Always maintain dignity in your relationship. You should never ever discuss your personal relationship issues with your friends. You have to believe the fact that “Your only true friend is your partner”. Here I am not talking about your best friend so please don’t misunderstand me. Both are different. I will discuss this later.

Imagine a relationship in which love is present but there is no respect or lack of respect, in that case whenever they will start argument, it will also result in insults with every fight and even physical abuse. No matter how much love you shower on each other. But abuse is abuse.

And if you have respect in your relationship then your arguments never end up with insults or abuses. Because your heart don’t allow you to say bad words to your better half. So don’t disrespect your bae ever. If you are angry with them then it is better to be quiet at that time. Time is a great healer, may be possible your loved one realize their mistake. If you be quiet at the time of argument trust me, they can not say anything bad to you. Don’t give them a chance to insult you girls. And don’t compromise with your self respect. by doing this you will definitely maintain a healthy relationship. 

Don’t compare your child with others

Dear Parents,
                      This post is all about Your little one’s. Are you also compare your toddlers with other ?

 If yes then please stop this immediately. You have to understand that every child is different. Their habits are different. Children need only your love and affection. Let them grow. Let them follow their interests. 

Teach them right values and good habits but don’t force them to follow everything you say. 

Comparing your child with others is actually making you and your child stressed. Sometimes your family member says, “look your child, he/she  does not have any etiquette , or he/she is so much better than you. Or look, your sibling secured higher marks as compare to you. Learn something from other kids”. 

They don’t want to hurt you but unknowing these type of statements do more hurt than good. Tell them that why do we compare our child with others ? Every child is unique & different. They have different interest, different capabilities & talents. You should encourage your toddler. Let your little blossom spread their fragrance everywhere.

 Guide them right but don’t pressurize them or over burden them with tons of lessons just because family member says that other child is going to that many activities. 

 Recognize their talents, interests & strengths. Always encourage them. Never stop them from asking questions. Curiosity is kids basic nature. Answer them when they are asking something from you. Love them unconditionally because A child who is love unconditionally will never fear from failure.

Shower your love to them so that they will feel secure. Give your time to your little gem. Play with them. Try to teach good things when you play with them. Because their mind grasp anything very quickly when they are playing. 
 “Happy Parenting”

How to Be a lady with class.

Hi Ladies,
 We all know Looking good is the first step towards success. Ladies be classy so that when people meet you, they could not ignore you. OK tell me, what comes to your mind when you think about “A classy lady”? I imagine a well dressed lady who is sitting  in a good posture by a round table in a cafe. She is relaxing, reading a book and drinking coffee. right ? ha ha… this is just a daydreaming. Now we come to the point….
 If you want to be classy then you have to keep some points in your mind. 
Always dress tastefully, here I am not saying that you should spend much cost on clothing. I mean you should find clothes that actually fit you right, that are wrinkle free. Choose neutral colors. If possible then go for high quality fabrics. It may cost more but they will last longer.     

Confidence and grace is the key to being classy. So always be confident.  

Always be polite and keep your calmness with you. no matter, whatever the situation is. never lose your patience. but keep your self respect with you.

Never use vulgar language. You have to understand that the language you use represents your mind and heart.

Don’t believe everything you hear, always seek the truth. Don’t listen gossip, and for God sake don’t pass it to other people. You should stay true to your values and beliefs.

Always think before you speak because once we say something, we can’t take our words back. Sometimes when you feels angry with someone, at that time some negative thing comes to your mind. Stop your thoughts here. Don’t blurt what might hurt because our spoken words can’t be erased in any situation. 

Don’t allow your mood to affect your manner. You should maintain your dignity and moderation.
If you are going to attend a gathering then don’t go empty handed, bring any small hostess gift with you. Trust me dear, It shows your class.

If you really like something then give compliments to other. Be Humble. 

And always be happy because happy people have no need to prove themselves to others.
Hope you like this post… Stay classy…

Everything is right from Teenager’s sight.

Dear friends,
                 I’m dedicating this post for teenagers. Our teenagers thinks that they know everything what is right or wrong for them. but is it really true ? 

Dear teenager readers, 
                   I was also at your place, few years ago. I was feeling the same thing that you are feeling now. My elders also stopped me whenever I did something wrong. That time I was not in the situation to understand their decisions just like you. But as the time passed, everything understood.
 My dear, wear the glasses of your elders and see what they see, walk a milestone on their footprints, then you will realize why they always stop you from doing something.
 Here I am talking about life. Life is not always a bundle of Joy. There will be up’s and down’s. People say whatever happens, happens for good. but it’s not true in all cases. 

Always remember in life there are two escalators, one that take you high and the other will try bring you down. Choose wisely that which one will lead you up. Life is a tough school my friend. Every day of life teaches something to you. It is not necessary that every day is beautiful. Sometimes we face worst moment. but every single day teaches a lesson. Not a single day is wasted. even the laziest day, or a worst day will teach you something valuable. 

It is not all about fairy tales, no matter whatever happen with you, keep learning, keep grasping the positive in your life. Always listen to your elders, keep their advice with you, try to understand why they are saying something or what does it mean. Otherwise it might be possible in near future you will  feel regret. Their experiences always beneficial for you. Don’t trust anyone easily. Try to understand the reason why someone is trying to be sweet in front of you. keep concentrating on your career. You are in a starting phase of your life and several miles remain for walk………..

“Love yourself Ladies & Spread Happiness everywhere”

My Dear Ladies,
                          This is my first blog for those amazing women who are always busy in doing something. I’m talking about all, may be you are working lady or a housewife…
We all are busy in our lives. Always busy in doing our work our priorities… I can say that we are living for our beloved ones for our families. Even sometimes we forget that we have our own life, our own identity. 



if you are married than you can easily understand what I want to say to you….
but My dear why we lost our uniqueness ? why we forgot that we also had some qualities that no one has… I don’t want to say that don’t give time to your loved ones, I am just saying that love yourself first. tell me my friend, when was the last time you spent a quiet moment just doing nothing – or when was the time just sitting and looking at the sea, or watching the wind blowing the tree limbs…
Do you remember that ?
it’s very important to take care of yourself. take at least an hour a day to recharge and do whatever makes you better. Do whatever you like, whether it’s a spa, sitting in a garden with your favorite book, or a cup of coffee with your favorite song, take time for yourself, be the reason of  your own happiness. because every woman is beautiful in her own way. when you start giving time to yourself than definitely you’ll fall in love with you. and when you love yourself  you will be happy automatically. and when you are happy than you spread your happiness to others. 
Show your stupendous side to the world. you should be start thinking about yourself. Love yourself , live your life with full of laugh after all it’s your right to be happy always. Smile from the heart because someone said that nothing is more beautiful than a woman who is happy to be herself. 
Keep doing your favorite things, keep learning, keep sharing your thoughts with others. Keep your smile with you…. because you are unstoppable, beautiful, unique and nature’s most beautiful gift….
Much love from my side with a big smile… Keep reading and sharing your thoughts with me….