Don’t compare your child with others

Dear Parents,
                      This post is all about Your little one’s. Are you also compare your toddlers with other ?

 If yes then please stop this immediately. You have to understand that every child is different. Their habits are different. Children need only your love and affection. Let them grow. Let them follow their interests. 

Teach them right values and good habits but don’t force them to follow everything you say. 

Comparing your child with others is actually making you and your child stressed. Sometimes your family member says, “look your child, he/she  does not have any etiquette , or he/she is so much better than you. Or look, your sibling secured higher marks as compare to you. Learn something from other kids”. 

They don’t want to hurt you but unknowing these type of statements do more hurt than good. Tell them that why do we compare our child with others ? Every child is unique & different. They have different interest, different capabilities & talents. You should encourage your toddler. Let your little blossom spread their fragrance everywhere.

 Guide them right but don’t pressurize them or over burden them with tons of lessons just because family member says that other child is going to that many activities. 

 Recognize their talents, interests & strengths. Always encourage them. Never stop them from asking questions. Curiosity is kids basic nature. Answer them when they are asking something from you. Love them unconditionally because A child who is love unconditionally will never fear from failure.

Shower your love to them so that they will feel secure. Give your time to your little gem. Play with them. Try to teach good things when you play with them. Because their mind grasp anything very quickly when they are playing. 
 “Happy Parenting”

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