How to Be a lady with class.

Hi Ladies,
 We all know Looking good is the first step towards success. Ladies be classy so that when people meet you, they could not ignore you. OK tell me, what comes to your mind when you think about “A classy lady”? I imagine a well dressed lady who is sitting  in a good posture by a round table in a cafe. She is relaxing, reading a book and drinking coffee. right ? ha ha… this is just a daydreaming. Now we come to the point….
 If you want to be classy then you have to keep some points in your mind. 
Always dress tastefully, here I am not saying that you should spend much cost on clothing. I mean you should find clothes that actually fit you right, that are wrinkle free. Choose neutral colors. If possible then go for high quality fabrics. It may cost more but they will last longer.     

Confidence and grace is the key to being classy. So always be confident.  

Always be polite and keep your calmness with you. no matter, whatever the situation is. never lose your patience. but keep your self respect with you.

Never use vulgar language. You have to understand that the language you use represents your mind and heart.

Don’t believe everything you hear, always seek the truth. Don’t listen gossip, and for God sake don’t pass it to other people. You should stay true to your values and beliefs.

Always think before you speak because once we say something, we can’t take our words back. Sometimes when you feels angry with someone, at that time some negative thing comes to your mind. Stop your thoughts here. Don’t blurt what might hurt because our spoken words can’t be erased in any situation. 

Don’t allow your mood to affect your manner. You should maintain your dignity and moderation.
If you are going to attend a gathering then don’t go empty handed, bring any small hostess gift with you. Trust me dear, It shows your class.

If you really like something then give compliments to other. Be Humble. 

And always be happy because happy people have no need to prove themselves to others.
Hope you like this post… Stay classy…

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