Love, Respect and Relationship

Dear Readers, 

                    I am back with my favorite Topic….                                 

      “Love” A four letters word which contain all the happiness of the world inside in it. I have so much to write about love. 

It’s a combination of feelings, emotions, affection, attraction and attachment. It’s a mental state in which we fly in the sky without wings. No one is there who never did this. It has so many forms like, we love our parents, our siblings, our friends, our pets or to the special one with whom we want to spend our whole life. Seriously here I am thinking about my husband. It may be possible you think about someone else. Ha ha ha….

I think, today I should write only about love. We will discuss respect and relationship later. I am just kidding…..

I personally believe that the world was created and approved by “Love”. Love delights and glorifies in giving, not receiving. When you are in love, you cannot focused other important things. Because someone is always on your mind. You always want them around. They are the person of your dream.  Am I right ? They are your everything . You see them in your future. When you are in love you can not see what is right or wrong for you ?Even sometimes you compromise your self respect for your loved one. Right ? 

I swear, I am trying to stop my hands from typing about love but I can’t. Ha ha ha…

But Love is nothing without respect. If you truly love someone then you should be respect your partner. If you don’t respect your lover it means you don’t love him/her. You love your self respect then why you don’t care about your partner’s respect ? My dear, love and respect both are the natural painkillers. If you respect your partner then your relationship will be happy, healthy, long term, passionate & successful.

According to me, the main goal of a relationship is to be with each other till the last breath. Walk hand in hands  for miles. But it can not be happen if you don’t respect your partner.  You have to learn to respect your spouse or bae. It does not mean that never argue with your lover. A healthy relationship  always have some arguments.

But remember, never disrespect your partner while an argument. Whatever the situation is always try to be polite with him/her. Always maintain dignity in your relationship. You should never ever discuss your personal relationship issues with your friends. You have to believe the fact that “Your only true friend is your partner”. Here I am not talking about your best friend so please don’t misunderstand me. Both are different. I will discuss this later.

Imagine a relationship in which love is present but there is no respect or lack of respect, in that case whenever they will start argument, it will also result in insults with every fight and even physical abuse. No matter how much love you shower on each other. But abuse is abuse.

And if you have respect in your relationship then your arguments never end up with insults or abuses. Because your heart don’t allow you to say bad words to your better half. So don’t disrespect your bae ever. If you are angry with them then it is better to be quiet at that time. Time is a great healer, may be possible your loved one realize their mistake. If you be quiet at the time of argument trust me, they can not say anything bad to you. Don’t give them a chance to insult you girls. And don’t compromise with your self respect. by doing this you will definitely maintain a healthy relationship. 

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