Best Friends For life : Husband and Wife

           Marriage is a relation where two people become one soul and share their everything with each other. They laugh together, they cry together, they love each other unconditionally. Sometimes they have different thoughts and opinions but after few hours they leave their arguments in middle because of their love. 
Patience, love and forgiveness are the three qualities that are important for happy married life.
They are the true friends who shares every joy and sorrow, who faces every situation. Two strongest pillar of happy family.

           A man who does everything for his girl. He always try to earn enough money to fulfil his girl’s every dream and desire. And a girl who takes her every step only for her man. She cares her man and his house, and makes his house “A beautiful home”.

If a couple is truly in love then there is no difference between “Home” and “Heaven”.

                   Is your relationship going in a right direction ? Are you both best friends first, and hubby and wife later ? Is your partner understand your every feeling without saying a single word ? If your answer is “Yes” then congratulation you are on the right track and if your answer is “No” then my dear you need to bring some changes  into your relationship. 
       Let me explain you one thing that you can’t change your partner without knowing that you are right on your place or not. It might be possible that you also need to bring some changes into your behaviour. No one is perfect and you can not change anyone suddenly. Some people says that if you truly love someone then you should be accept your partner as he/she is. 
      But I am not believe in this thought. Because when you share your whole life with someone and come to practical ground it is not always possible that other one is always right. Sometime you don’t like the habit or opinions of other one and you think that it must be require some changes. But you can’t say this to your loved one and keep things in your mind. And as a result, you get irritation and lack of interest or you can say that You feel frustrated.    

In some cases neither the male nor the female will have required qualities so these relationships will always end up with tragedy. For them, a single word is enough to destroy their mental balance.                                                                                    
             Mutual understanding is a base of any relationship. If you understand well your partner then things go smoothly. Never lie to your soul mate because there is no place for lie in your relationship. 
Fiction is the biggest enemy of trust. And trust is one of the strongest pillar of relationship. Never keep secrets from your partner. Always be open to admit your mistakes. We are human beings, so off course It’s possible that one can make a mistake but if you did it then you must be apologize from the depth of your heart. You should be realize that you will never do the same mistake in future. Never break the trust of your partner. And never stop communicating with your partner no matter what the situation is. Always try to communicate with your partner even if you are in a long distance  relationship with your soul mate.

       Look, life is so beautiful with love and if you have someone in your life,  just give your true love to them because you both are connected by an imaginary thread that is love. Make your bond stronger with love, care and affection.

                               Husband and wife, both are the two different side of the same coin. A true couple will never be apart from each other. They always find a reason to stay together. They never search for excuses to blame each other because they know that their love is much stronger than false fights. They are the true friends for the whole life. 

How lovely is that you will spend your whole life with the person you love. Some little arguments, fights and  sabre rattling is temporary, if something is permanent, that is only Love “A true Love” which never ends, long lasting, and always with you till your last breath. Your hairs will turn grey, eye sight may weak but one person will always love you, your “Llfe Partner”. 

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