How to make other’s happy and give them a reason to smile.

Making someone happy is the best way to spread happiness, because you never know that what someone’s day is like, what trouble they are facing in their life. It may be possible that your one smile, make someone feel better. The best part of spreading smile is, it makes someone’s entire day more beautiful. Instead of spreading hate we should be spreading love and joy. We all want to do something unique and beneficial for the world. But we don’t. Everyone has their own excuses. Like don’t have time, or money.

     I also wanted to do something for this world. So I started this blog, I know it’s a small contribution but if after reading my thoughts you feel inspired and encouraged so it’s enough for me. I will be glad that someone taking advantage from this. Why we don’t take small steps to make others happy or to do something for this world ? Because many of us don’t know, where to start ? If you also think the same then I am giving you an idea.
Give your helping hand to some needy people. Many of this world, who doesn’t have anything for living their life. You can give them a hope. Your old clothes, or your leftover food. 
So many people on the planet who suffer from hunger and die due to hunger. You can not help them all but you can help few or at least one. The last few bites of your plate will feed someone in need. 

If you have a lot of clothes that you don’t wear anymore then you can donate your old clothes, it helps needy people.

When you do things for others, something good happens for you too. It will make you feel good because you are doing something for a worthy cause.

     You can give small surprises to your loved one’s for making them smile, like a warm hug, small bunch of flowers, some genuine compliments . It all makes them wonder, they will be happy automatically after receiving your surprises.

You can share some inspirational or funny messages or images to your group. So the other member of the group, can smile.

Make a playlist for your dear one’s. Sometimes my husband do this for me and I really feel so happy while listening those amazing tracks.

Help someone in their work. Professionally or personally, you can help others. It may feels them good.

Be kind with everyone, because your kindness makes you a happy person.

Express your gratitude. Say thanks to your parents for giving you everything. Say Thanks to everyone who helps you.

Be polite. Talk softly with people you meet in your daily life. Spread happiness and joy to all. 

And let me know what’s your way to make other’s happy. I will be glad if you share your thoughts with me.

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