How to overcome from “The Fear of Rejection”

  Did you ever feel the fear of rejection ? Many of us faced this fear at some point of our life.
       When you don’t trust on yourself and feel low about your personality, your skills, looks or your behaviour. At certain point, you feel that people won’t except you or approved of you due to your lack of confidence. It’s called the fear of rejection. 
Because of this fear sometimes you do the things that normally you don’t do. You start feel nervous and uncomfortable. You think like if someone will say no to you then what will happen ?
 But sometimes it’s ok to be rejected.
Have you ever felt uncomfortable and scary while an interview ? 
There are some common symptoms of the fear of rejection like sweaty palm and forehead, increased heart rate, trouble in speaking. This type of behaviour leave a negative impression on your interviewer. Because of your insecurity you may lose a good opportunity.
 I am not taking only about an interview, You can consider any phase of your life when you face this fear. Like marriage proposals or blind dating. Your mind put you in a situation where you think that if someone reject you then you will break from inside. You don’t give your 100% because of this fear. 
It’s make you believe that you can’t achieve your dreams. It puts you in deep anxiety. And it’s really hurt you. You start thinking  that no one is interested in you or you can not fulfil someone’s expectations. You stop yourself from sharing your personal opinions with other, because you think people will laugh on you.
Here I am giving you some powerful tips to overcome from your Fear of rejection.
You have try to improve your self confidence.  Remember your self confidence is a key of success. Try to believe in yourself. Start meditation and yoga, it will definitely help you to rebuilt yourself.
Keep focusing on your goal. Don’t trust on some negative thoughts that is coming into your mind. Just believe that you can do it. Whatever task may given to you, will be surely done by you.
Be yourself, stop coping other’s behaviour. You have to understand that everyone has there own behaviour and everyone has a unique  personality. When you start coping other’s nature you are losing your own identification.
Try to share your opinion or thoughts with others, don’t think about people that they will make laugh or they will disagree from you. Let’s raise your voice.
Remember that every bad experience of life will definitely teach you something. So don’t be scary about what is going to be happen with you in the next moment. If you got rejected then don’t worry, you will get a better opportunity in near future.
Never show your insecurity in behaviour. If you feel insecure for a certain moment then take a long breath, do remember a good moment of your life, Make yourself smile and keep only one thing in your mind that you can surely do it and “everything  is well”.
Just do your “Karma” don’t think about what you will get in return. Because if you are really honest and did your job well then you will get result in your favour.
Never stop yourself from learning new things. You should be improve your skills, always work on it.
Always be positive. Keep positive vibes in your mind. Think that “whatever will happen, will happen for the good”. 

By following these easy ways you can surely overcome from “The fear of rejection”. Remember nobody is perfect. People fail, people learn and they improve themselves for the better future. 

So Never feel low due to some small rejections. You will surely get, what you deserve in your life. 

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