Life always gives you a second chance.

        Nobody is in the world who could say that He never face failure in life. Everybody has gone through from this, at some point of their lives. One can not say that he or she never face failure in life. Every time you get failure in life, you learn a lesson. 
No matter how many mistakes you did in your past, no matter how tough your journey was, no matter how many times you got failed in life.

“Life always gives you a second change, it’s called tomorrow”. 

Everyone has the possibility to correct their mistake or to try again for things that you couldn’t get. Everyday of life, is a new beginning, you can restart your journey from a new edge. It’s true that you can not rewind your life and make things correct, you always have to look forward in life to correct things.

Dear friends, life is not that much unfair, everyday is a new change, each day remind us that it’s never too late to start over. Yes it’s true that if you lost someone in your past then you can’t get them back but you always have a chance to recreate your memories with a new start and fresh mind. It’s true that you have to try again for things that you didn’t get from your previous attempt.
Use your second chance wisely. Understand that if you will sit ideal at your place and just wait for let something happen then you will not achieve anything. You have to leave your comfort zone.  

Everybody deserve a second chance but not for the same mistake. If someone hurt you, and after few days he or she realized their mistake and come to you for apology then you should forgive him but make sure that he or she will not make the same mistake in future. Keep your eye on them, because if someone hurt you once then he can do the same again. Don’t trust blindly on anyone. 

This thought is only about those people who hurts you. It’s not necessary that everyone is same. Remember your all figure are not equal. Same with people, everybody is different, everyone has a different perspective.

But, if I talk about things, I must say, you always have a chance to make another attempt. It might be possible that you were preparing hard for any competitive exam or anything in your professional life and you couldn’t get satisfying result. Generally what people do, if they lost any kind of exam or anything then they start thinking “it’s very tough and I can’t do this or it’s not for me” it’s totally wrong, you must utilize your next chance. Try again for the same thing.

Wake up with the new hope, make yourself strong enough mentally, think positive, try again for the same thing with fresh mind, the only thing that counts is, what you do with those second chances which is given by life.

“Possibility of things” do come to your way like flights, they arrive they depart on the regular basis, you have to recognize it that which one will take you to your destination.
You can not change your past but you can try to make a better future for yourself. Life is so beautiful just like a camera, focus on what is important, you can capture all good moments, develop from negative and if it doesn’t work out, take an another shot.
Try to find out what is important for you at this moment, work on that, stay away from negatives and use your second chance in a right way, never let it go. Pick the opportunity at right moment. Remember you are lucky enough, if you are getting  opportunities to fulfil your dream.

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