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How to make other’s happy and give them a reason to smile.

Making someone happy is the best way to spread happiness, because you never know that what someone’s day is like, what trouble they are facing in their life. It may be possible that your one smile, make someone feel better. The best part of spreading smile is, it makes someone’s entire day more beautiful. Instead of spreading hate we should be spreading love and joy. We all want to do something unique and beneficial for the world. But we don’t. Everyone has their own excuses. Like don’t have time, or money.

     I also wanted to do something for this world. So I started this blog, I know it’s a small contribution but if after reading my thoughts you feel inspired and encouraged so it’s enough for me. I will be glad that someone taking advantage from this. Why we don’t take small steps to make others happy or to do something for this world ? Because many of us don’t know, where to start ? If you also think the same then I am giving you an idea.
Give your helping hand to some needy people. Many of this world, who doesn’t have anything for living their life. You can give them a hope. Your old clothes, or your leftover food. 
So many people on the planet who suffer from hunger and die due to hunger. You can not help them all but you can help few or at least one. The last few bites of your plate will feed someone in need. 

If you have a lot of clothes that you don’t wear anymore then you can donate your old clothes, it helps needy people.

When you do things for others, something good happens for you too. It will make you feel good because you are doing something for a worthy cause.

     You can give small surprises to your loved one’s for making them smile, like a warm hug, small bunch of flowers, some genuine compliments . It all makes them wonder, they will be happy automatically after receiving your surprises.

You can share some inspirational or funny messages or images to your group. So the other member of the group, can smile.

Make a playlist for your dear one’s. Sometimes my husband do this for me and I really feel so happy while listening those amazing tracks.

Help someone in their work. Professionally or personally, you can help others. It may feels them good.

Be kind with everyone, because your kindness makes you a happy person.

Express your gratitude. Say thanks to your parents for giving you everything. Say Thanks to everyone who helps you.

Be polite. Talk softly with people you meet in your daily life. Spread happiness and joy to all. 

And let me know what’s your way to make other’s happy. I will be glad if you share your thoughts with me.

How to be Career Oriented

             In today’s world everyone faces so much pressure regarding carrier. In our society people teach their children from starting that they have to perform well in their academics so they will get good carrier option for their future and will get good sources of income. If you are a man then you can easily connect yourself from this thought. 
      Because a man has so much pressure to set himself for good earning and get enough money, after all you have to earn for your family, for your spouse and kids. Good earning is always in your priority list. And you do work hard for it.

     And if you are working women then it’s really tough for you to balance your personal and professional life at the same time. The expectations of family is much high from you. They expect from you that you will give priority to your home first, after that you can manage your professional life. Somehow you manage but who thinks about your dreams ? May be you wanted to achieve something else…
 When a woman try to be career oriented then people called her selfish because she does not give proper attention to her family.  No one think about the difficulties that she faces in her daily life.
             if I talk about singles so they also have the same pressure of carrier. They will talk about making enough money to support their family and to full fill their future dreams.

I have plenty of friends, all in different field. Mostly of them are career oriented, and they all face next level of competition in their professional life. I feel so much fascinated when I listen to their talk about what driven them.

Today I am writing about it because someone insist me to write on career oriented people.
So are you career oriented ?
Do you have those qualities that must be required in career oriented person? 
How many of you are here who give preference to learning over money ? 

Career oriented people always concentrate on learning new things, they never worry about money. They always open to learn things and try different option.

They never give up on something, if you are weak in doing your work, keep trying. Let’s give more chances to yourself for perfection. We all know that “practice makes man perfect” so why we don’t want to keep practicing. Practice is the key of perfection. If you fail in your first attempt, then try again for it.

If you want to be successful in your field then once in a while give a motivational dose to yourself. Because motivation boost up your energy to the next level. Inspiration and motivation both are like pills for getting success.

One more thing is here to be noticed that career oriented person sacrifices a lot with their personal life. Sometime they want to spend some quality time with their dear one’s but they won’t. Because they committed to their work. Or you can say they are more workaholic than others. They have to work harder than others to be successful.

Obstacles of Life

When you go out somewhere by road, you face many speed breakers, but is this obstacles really stop you to go ahead towards your journey ? Never, these speed breakers never stop you to reach your destination. 
   Similarly when some speed bumps or you can say hurdles enter into our lives, why we stop here at certain point  and start thinking that there is no way to come out from these situations.
If you are facing any obstacle in your life, remember one thing, this is only a phase of life not the entire life.  “Keep Moving” move towards your dreams, towards your destination. Bad days never stay long. When you will cross these hurdle, you will find a new way of your life.

All days are not same sometimes we are happy, sometimes we feel sad. But this is a human tendency, if we are happy we think that “this has to be happened”, “we can do everything”, and at the same time if we are sad then we say “why this happened to us” or “we can not do anything”.

              Why we are not ready to face some bad conditions ? Why don’t we take the bad phases of life like an exam ? You have to understand that nothing is permanent in this life. The wheel of fortune is continue to move. If your joy is not permanent then these hurdles can not be stay forever.
        Joy and sorrow both are compulsory for a balanced life. So be ready for any circumstances. Take the bad things like an exam. You will definitely come out from this, like a warrior. If your will power is strong enough then no one can defeat you. Stay strong on your place like a rock and you will see no storm can jiggle you.

Be surrounded by positivity because your way of thinking  affects your actions. If you think positive then your positive vibes give you serenity. Whatever you have been gone through in your life, it is all your experiences. Try to learn from your bad experiences. 
      I am not saying that “A person can control all the emotions” we are humans so obviously we can feel low due to some personal issues or some professional issues. But it doesn’t mean that we start to create negative thoughts in the vicinity of our mind. Keep your calmness with you so you can feel peace inside yourself. 

And never show your anger on innocent people. Generally what people do, if they are angry on someone then they start  showing their anger on other persons. Like start shouting on servents, peons or family member. Why they start behaving like this ? 
       If you are angry due to your circumstances then don’t show your arrogance on others.
This is your life, your complications so you have to deal with it. Don’t behave rude to those who are working under you. Just be patient.
        My Dear Readers, any hurdle, any obstacle can not stop you to reach your destination. Same with life, no matter which situation you are facing right now, you will definitely come out from this. Stay strong and keep faith on you.

Dear Readers, If you really like this article just let me know in the comment section. Waiting for your valuable responses.

Top 50 Inspirational Blogs List

“Do something today that your future self will thank you for.” – Sean Patrick Flanery

As you go through life, you try to adjust yourself with whatever you have. You don’t want to come out with your comfort zone. Sometimes we have so much capability but we don’t want to explore ourselves. If you are also believe that average is acceptable so you need to think again about yourself. Are you aimless ? and you are keep searching  for inspiration in your life to achieve your goals ? Are you surfing on web to find out some inspirational blogs that will help you to find the purpose of life or to motivate yourself to achieve success ?

 If your answer is yes, so dear friends, Here are the most comprehensive list of “Top 50 Inspirational blogs” that will definitely going to inspire you because It’s time to take your life to another level. It’s time to show how badly you want to full fill your dreams. So let’s start….

1.     Tiny Buddha :- The founder of Tiny Buddha is Lori Deschene. It is a community in which people shares their own experience whatever they have been gone through and whatever they learned  from their lives. You can learn a lot from here. It’s provide simple wisdom for complex lives.
2.    Marie Forleo :- Marie is an entrepreneur, writer, philanthropist &unshakable optimist. She is dedicated to helping you become the person you want to be.  She will definitely help you to create meaningful actions that will change your life.
3.    Positivity blog by Henrik Edberg  :- He has thousands of followers. If You are surrounded by negativity then you must read his blog. Your vision will definetly get change.
4.   Marc and Angel Hack life :- They are New York times best selling authors and professional coches. It is one of the most popular personal development blog.
5.   Everyday power blog :- Here you will get inspirational articles, videos and so many quotes to improve yourself.
6.    Success consciousness by Remez Sasson :- It is a self-improvement and positive lifestyle blog.
7.    Good life project Podcast :- You can also visit this blog for inspiration.

The list is so long so better here I mention only the names of top 50 blogs so you can visit any of them for getting some positivity and inspiration in your life.

8.       Frank Sonnenberg online
9.       Great big minds
10.   The better India
11.   Educate inspire change
12.   Pick the brain
13.   Motivational Blog
14.   Play with the world
15.   Soulfull Heart way of life
16.   Tracie Miles
17.   A blog, A magazine. It’s justsuminspiration !
18.   Path of Presence – Heart centered social media
19.   The Modern Rule
20.   Inspirational Blogs  by David Lawrence Brown
21.   My everyday challenges blog
22.   This coffee life
24.   It’s Not Logical
25.   Changeyourlife | Only you can chancge your life
26.   Desk Life Project
27.   Inspirational Christian Blog
28.   Gratisoul
29.   New Adventure Same Journey
30.   She Is So Lucky
31. Tcherari Journals 
32.   Larry Shaffer Blog
33.   People of the Planet
34.   Inspire me to achieve
35.   Struggles indeed Blog
36.   Dana S.Bicks LLC, Author
37.   Allura Eshmun
38.   Jin Nua Blog
39.  Love yourself and spread Happiness by Er Rajni Parmar
40.   Man Made Happiness
41.   Akash Gautam
42.   Rocsi Rocks – The Blog Inspiration
43.   Dailyhalos
44.   Victoria Hockley Life Coach
45.   The Golden Mirror
46.   Kip Smiling (
47.   Chizelle
48.   Elevating  Stories
49.   Living Faith Beyond Measure

This is the Top 50 inspirational bloggers list according to Feedspot Panel.

Life is unpredictable

Dear friends,
                    Life is so unpredictable, you never know that what is going to be happen in the next moment. It gives you surprises every time. Sometimes we think about something else for us, but it gives us something different. It is not always possible that we always get what we want. But be happy with the things which you get from your life. Because some people don’t have what you get.

Learn from your past experiences. Always remember one thing that nothing happens without any reason. Sometimes we learn a lesson from our past mistakes. God never does wrong with anyone. 
He has all the powers, just believe him and pray for better tomorrow. 
One more thing here is never lose hope. People says that there is will where there is a way. Keep trying for what you want instead of losing hope. If you will try then you definitely get something good.

Your inner strength should be everything for you. Keep faith on yourself. You are a great soul. Don’t listen to those who are trying to demotivate you because my dear, the sky is always beautiful no matter it’s dark, rainy or cloudy. Never look back in life because what has happened, has happened.

Look forward with courage whatever you get from life just except it with full of heart.
You are the creator of your own destiny. Do hard work and achieve your goal.

     Normally people get confused when someone ask them about their goal, because they do not have any goal in their life.they start giving excuses instead of find out goals.

If you are also one of them then try to know your capabilities. Identify your strength your interest and start working on that.
 Try to improve your skills don’t waste your time on hangouts. If you want to prove your existence then you have to make your own identity. Set your goals what ever you wanted to do in your life. 

Always open to learn new things. Be a good listener because when you listen properly, then you grasp new things, lessons and advises. Keep your belief with you and focus on your aim.Everything in this life has some probability. 

There is a lot of chances to get success, to fulfill your desires. Try to convert your unpredictable things into predictable. Yes, off course you can do it. Nothing is impossible in this world if you are trying hard for it.