Think Positive, Be Positive

According to Remez sasson “Positivity is mental and emotional attitude that focus on the bright side of life and expects positive results”.

It is not necessary that if a person is always looking cheerful and smiling then he or she is positive. Positivity refers your outlook towards life, your attitude towards different circumstances. It is an inherent quality that develops automatically when you see everything with a positive perspective. When you try to focus on the bright side of everything and expect positive results then you start creating a positive environment around you. Your way of thinking always impact on your actions. Having  a positive attitude means making positive thinking a habit.

What is your perspective towards life?

How you see the challenges which come into your life?

Which kind of personality you have ? Pessimism type or optimism type ?

  Have a look at above image, and tell me what you see ?

 if you say that the glass is half empty then you have a pessimist personality. A person who thinks that bad things are more likely to happen or one who emphasizes the bad part of any situation, is a pessimist.
And if you say that the glass is half full then you are an optimist person. A person who always believes that good thing will happen or someone who believes that good things are more likely to happen, is a optimist person.

Your perspective towards life define your personality. Positive people are the source of energy that lifts all. Nobody likes negativity. If you have a negative personality then you need to bring some changes into yourself. Sometimes loneliness is the biggest reason of negativity. Because when you are alone, you think about all probabilities of any situation. So if you like to be alone, leave this habit now. Try to be with plenty of people like friends or family or your colleagues. 

Your positive mental attitude will help you everywhere, in personal as well as professional life.

Positive attitude will lead you to out of the darkest of times. If you want to glow externally then you should be learn to love yourself. Always keep your faith with you because it’s a strongest weapon in hard times. 
Don’t think too much about something, remember, everything is not under your control. Just try at your level best for things and let them happen. Your positive approach will take you so far towards your journey of success, people will feel happy when they will spend their time with you. Your family will also be happy when they will see that you are happy.

Here are some tips to stay positive

Sleep well – Yes it’s very important to take at least 7 -8 hours for sleep because when you sleep well, you and your mind feel fresh and it automatically generate positive vibes.

Keep smiling – It takes very low effort to wear a smile on your face but it effects your whole personality. It’s a human tendency that if you look at someone and he or she is smiling at that time you also feel little bit positivity about them. You can impress anyone with a lovely smile.

Make goals – it will give you more positive outlook towards life. When you set a goal for yourself, you feel more positive and confident and you try to achieve them.
Meditation and yoga – Research shows that meditation and yoga helps to stay calm and positive, and both are good for your mental health, you can find inner piece by doing this.

Show gratitude to others – It helps you to feel more positive, when you give respect to someone, that time actually you are making a way to get respect for yourself. Be thankful for those who are doing something for you. Start appreciating people, it will enhance your relationship with others. If you like something then start giving compliment, by this you can develop a positive approach.

Do some exercise – It can help you to fight with depression and anxiety.

Do whatever you enjoy – When you do something you love then you feel distracted from negativity. So take some time from your busy schedule and do whatever you like.

Try to Surrounded by positive people will help you to stay positive. You also get positivity from positive persons. Make friends who encourage to do good things.

Stay away from the people who gives you negative thoughts or negativity by their words.
Spend some quality time with your family, because they are your true well wisher, your family will always help to create happiness and positivity around you.

Always open to learn new things, when you always busy in doing  something’s  then you don’t have time to generate negative thinking in your mind, so keep busy yourself in learning new things, by this you can enhance your skills as well as stay positive.

Stay focus on your aim – Whatever you want to achieve in your life, just focus on that. Think big, dream big and do big. Always follow this strategy, keep this in your mind that what you getting from your life and what you want. Ask everyday from yourself that you took any step today to achieve your aim or not.

Make plans – Always make plans before doing something because a well organised task may have more changes to get success. And also it will help you to be positive.

Stay happy, Healthy and positive.

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