Why confidence is must for every woman and how to develop it

Why confidence is must for every woman

Confidence is must for every woman. A “confident woman” can do anything, she can achieve anything in life, because she knows the right way, she knows about her wants and desires, she knows how to explore her dreams. So are you confident enough? Dear ladies, confidence is something you develop over time. Being confident does not mean, to create a wallpaper of “show off” over your comfort zone.
 You need to understand that when you leave your comfort zone and try to find out the better version of yourself, meet with new challenges of life then it build up automatically. If you are doing good in your life and you don’t want to face any challenges, just want to enjoy the moment where you are, it shows that you are matured enough. 
But do you have that much confidence that you can show your self-worth to other or let realize them that you are unbeatable, unstoppable.
What is Confidence
Confidence is all about feeling sure of yourself and your abilities. Nobody born with it, it is something that build up with time. It’s a mental state in which we feel secure and fearless. Confidence is something that shows your inner strength, your willingness . 
It is shown in your actions, your way of talking, your dressing sense. How fearless you are ? How you take risks in your professional as well as personal life ? and how you tackle certain situations ? These things shows how much confidence you have…


How to develop confidence
Be surrounded by positivity – if you want to feel confident then start to spend your time with positive people. Remember, nobody is being confident with negative thoughts. Positivity is the best way to feel confident.
Make habit to read something good everyday – Try to read something valuable, knowledgeable every day. When you read good thoughts or good articles then you improve your knowledge as well as positivity. It helps to develop confidence. Because when you know more, you make yourself more sure about things.
Take enough sleep– If you are not taking enough sleep, you feel low and tired all day. And in this case, if you already have so much confidence, it looks like zero. Because of tiredness your face shows nothing. It banks. So take enough sleep.
Facial expression– your facial expression shows so many things about you. If you are talking to someone and your face shows nothing then the conversation which you had with someone is not valuable.
Voice toneProper voice tone is also a part of being confident. It does not mean that talk loudly or too slow. Maintain your pitch of your voice. A right thought with improper voice tone destroys the value of your words but “A right thought with proper voice modulation makes everyone in your favour”
Eye contact– It is one of the important part of being confident. If you want to look confident then always make eye contact with those whom you are talking with. It’s human tendency that human understand well when something said to them while making eye contact.
Body language– body language is also important to look confidence. It makes a quick and positive impact to those who are listening to you.
Body posture– imagine you are sitting somewhere like a home  for attending a conference, what people think about you ? or what impression you give to them ? So always maintain your body posture when you are outside from your home.
Dressing sense– if you dress well then people already get impressed  to you without saying a word. It’s human nature that they give preference to look more than knowledge. How much knowledge you have, it shows when you start talking but your dressing sense say everything about you without saying a single word. So make sure your dressing sense is good. Always wear the clothes in which you look decent, and beautiful. Exposure, not always works especially in terms of your professional life.
Always be true to you – It’s tough to show people what you are not actually. So be what you are. Don’t try to be someone that you are not.
Show gratitude and compliments to other – Let them know how pretty you are from inner side by complimenting them. Giving is always better than receiving so show your gratitude whenever it’s necessary.
Quality of leadership – You need to develop a good quality of leadership in yourself. Your leadership skill makes you more confident. Try to develop it.
Spread your smile– Smile is the best dress that anyone can wear. Your smiling face shows your confidence level. And a girl with smiling face can gets attention easily. So whenever you go outside wear a smile. 

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