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Be the best version of yourself

It sounds good when someone says “Be the best version of yourself” but what is the meaning of this statement?

Did you ever realize that you can do something better from what you are doing in your present life?

Did you ever feel that you can achieve more or perform better from today?

Did you ever recognise your self-worth?

Do you know everything about your capabilities?

I am saying all these things because it helps you to be the best version of yourself.

As a human being we can do a lot of things at the same time and achieve everything what we want but, are we getting all the things that we want? Everyone has limitless potential inside and every person can do much better, only if they try hard for the things and focus on efforts.

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What is the meaning of “To be the best version of you”?

The meaning of this statement is “to move forward in your life towards success from where you are, to explore yourself, to discover yourself and your capabilities and to take out your hidden talent in the field of your interest”. In other words, we can say “One must leave their comfort zone and recognise their inner strength for doing thing that he or she wants from life”.

You must explore yourself because when you explore, you realize that there are so many things in this world that you can do. You should always open to learn new things in life. Don’t think that you know everything because there is always a room for improvement in every person. When you learn new things and skills, you improve yourself. And these improvements make you a better version of yourself.

You can take any example of successful person like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckarberg, Late A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Sir, Oprah Winfrey and so many people who got success in their lives just because they are good learner, they keep improving their selves. They never stop at one place; they always try to be the best one in their field.

When you will go through from their life stories then you will find what they faced in their lives, how they improved their selves and how they overcame from obstacles of their lives.

If you want to be a successful person then you have to do hard work. There is no shortcut for success.

A great quote said by Norman Schwarzkopf “The more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war”. It is an inspirational and deep thought; you must remember these words in mind.

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Things you should do to be the best version of yourself –

  1. Keep all the negatives out from you – If you want to be the best version of yourself then you should be learn to trust on yourself and your capabilities. Never doubt on yourself, just eliminate all the negative energy from you because your actions depend on your thoughts. If you think negative then negative surely happens with you. So always stay positive. Eliminate your all the negative thoughts within you.
  • Find out your talent –You should always concentrate on what is good about you, and focus a lot of your energy on it. Spend some time to identify your talent. You must have the spark within you for the particular thing in which you are good enough and interested to focus on it. Find out the work you enjoy the most, which trigger you to give your best. Keep focusing, keep concentrating on it, and with the passage of time you will realize that you are a master of that work. Remember, you are never going to be satisfied unless you know in what you are good. So work on it.
  • Make a schedule for your priority based work – It will definitely help you to be the better version of yourself. Make a schedule for yourself, decide your priority, assign your priorities to your “to do list”, works that you want to be finished in a given time period. Remind yourself that you should complete your priority based task in a fixed time limit. But don’t take too much pressure of it (I used “remind” word here only for your own realization that you have completed your work but it does not mean that you take stress about it. I clearly mention here, fixed your priority first, after that try to complete your work in fixed time duration, if you couldn’t finished it, no problem, every day is a new chance, you can do it next day. Don’t take stress about it.)
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  • Implement some healthy habits in your daily routine – It is very necessary to feel fresh and strengthen every day. Choose 2 – 3 good habits which you like to do in your daily life and follow this routine for your entire year. For example – Exercise, yoga, meditation, writing, reading, playing with kids, or spend  some quality time with your family, whatever you love, do it on the daily bases. And take out some time from your busy schedule and do it your hobbies. It will keep you fresh and relax in rest of time. And you feel more energised after doing that. It will also help you to release your work pressure.
  • Learn from your past mistake – Always keep the lessons in your mind which you learned from your past mistakes. It will also help you to be the best version of yourself. And also you can consume your time if you remember about your mistakes and their lessons then you will never do the same mistake again, it saves your time from the future losses.
  • Stay Happy and healthy – Dear friends, remember one thing in your mind, if you are not happy with your present life then you cannot find your better version. One must have happy and healthy mind before doing anything good in life. You should be happy always because a happy and healthy person can achieve anything. Find the small reasons to be happy, and keep yourself healthy. A happy and healthy life is the first and foremost key point of success.

This will definitely help you to be the best version of yourself.

Consequences of Gossip

Consequences of Gossip

Do you feel bad when people gossip about you? In today’s world everyone is ready for giving comments and unwanted suggestions or their opinions. This is the habit of some people that they always try to pull down someone.

We all use social media, when we see a picture of someone, our virtual commenter turn on, which is in our mind, it starts giving comment that “wow, she is pretty”, “oh, she is looking ugly” or “what kind of dress it is” “what’s wrong with her makeup” etc. etc. Even you are not going to type your comment on that particular picture but your mind start itself to give comment.

Normally people comment on those whom, they cannot compete with. And that is the basic reason of their unwanted gossip because they are not able to achieve at your level that is why they try to pull you down or belittle you. They don’t like you because their ego doesn’t allow them to do this.

People, who look upward in their lives, don’t get affect by unwanted gossips or comments. But normally this kind of statements hurt a lot to the one; you gave your statement only if he or she knows what you think about them.

Don’t feel afraid when people gossip about you because you are above from their level. And if you are gossiping about anyone, always remember you are giving your energy to that person and you pull yourself down from your level.

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Why people gossip about someone

Do you ever wonder why people gossiping about someone? Because their ego level is so high, they think that they know everything, they always act like they are the best but the reality is, they cannot reach your level they cannot achieve what you have so they try to pull you back because it takes a lot of effort to achieve a higher level and they don’t have that much courage to get success in their life so they always gossips about others.

They always keep commenting about others, their friends, relatives and family member. Even sometimes we also see this type of people in our relatives or in our friends list, they love gossips whenever you meet them, they start talking about others life, they never focus on the conversation about their family or any current or general issues, they just try to show that how is the life of others or how other’s behaviour or anything that take you to the negative perspective.

These types of people try to bring someone down by making them look bad in the eyes of others. Gossiping is one way of disrespecting others without knowing them properly. One, who always gossips about others, spreads only negativity. And if we also join them in their nonsense talk, then we are equally guilty.

At our workplace, here are also few people always available to start gossiping about other. What happen in someone’s personal life? How much appraisal he or she got? How he works, his relations with boss or anything about related to someone’s life. These people always ready to make gossips, ready to frustrate you at any time. So better, be aware of that people, don’t think too much about them

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How to stop yourself from gossiping about others

If you want to be successful in life then always remember your energy is not supposed to go outwards, it has to go always inwards.

Don’t waste your time in gossiping about others; always utilize your time to improve yourself because this is the right way to achieve your goals.

 If you are gossiping about someone then remember you are just wasting your energy and your valuable time that never come back again, as well as you are spreading lies, disrespect and hate at the same time and all this things makes you more negative person nothing else.

This is totally your loss, by gossiping about someone you just inferior your own image, your own personality.

Remember no one is perfect, if you don’t like someone then this is totally your choice, your problem but it does not mean that you have a right to talk about the one you hate, or to disrespect that person you hate, you cannot spread lies about someone.

Everyone has that habit of gossiping. But what kind of gossip you are spreading, it is matter. If you are talking something positive about someone or you are truthful with your statement then, gossiping is not bad in that case.

 After all everyone has the right to share their point of you but if you are negatively represent someone just because of your ego and on the bases of your dislikes then gossiping is not tolerated in that case. So better live your own life happily and keep your nose out from other’s personal life.

Stop worrying about others opinion

We are human beings and we are affected by what people think of us. We live in the world where social life is important as well as personal life. Other’s opinion is really valuable or not, it totally depends on the context and the situation you are facing. What other people think about you is their ability to judge a person. What actually matters is how their thinking affects you and your life.

If you always waste your time and energy to care about what other people think about you then you would be mentally drain yourself. Whatever you heard from people about you or whatever said to you by someone, you just don’t need to take anything seriously unless you really think, it is worth considering. No matter how hard you try for something, you can never satisfy people, so better ignore them.

No one can be good for all at each and every time. If whatever you are doing is totally personal and related to you, your friends and family are also in your support then what others think about you is none of your business. “Opinions” are useful when it comes from right people. If your family members your friends, your well-wisher, and the people who are important in your life, gives you any opinion then it will be helpful for you to improve yourself. Never ignore the opinion of your loved ones.

If you are happy with what you have, doing the right things with right way and being helpful person and living up to your potential then, who the hell cares? If you think too much about what people think about you then you push yourself to receive the approval of others, but eventually what is important to you? You just need “Your own approval”, which makes you a happy person.

Let’s take an example, suppose you are at your workplace, what your boss thinking about you is important to you but at the same place few people who are jealous of you and your work, you cannot prevent them thinking negative of you, would you really care what they think ? I guess, your answer is no.

Take one another example, what your friends, family member and your dear one’s opinion about you, it’s matter to you but if someone who does not like you, gives a negative statement or opinion about you then it won’t matter to you.  

Your image and reputation are not damaged by what other people think of you, unless you are actually doing something wrong. One can always try to maintain their reputation. We all have some people in our life, who are trouble maker, just avoid those petty people. Who always try to defeat you? One who always listens to other people, and keep following others advise and want to make everyone’s happy, faces so many problems in his life. So better if you are right at your place then only listen to your inner voice, ignore people talk.

The day you learn to be at peace with yourself, with your decisions, when you will do that you wanted to do, is the day when you will be the happiest person of the world. Half of our worries and decisions are influenced by what people think about us. Remember, people who don’t like you and your work, will always criticize you.

You should also be aware of general society standards like, dressing, how to act in public, how to carry yourself, your posture, your walk, showering etc. because people either consciously or unconsciously notice this thing. And these things definitely affect you.

You should always remember few points…

  • Nobody knows you better than yourself. So always be true to yourself.
  • The decisions of our lives must always be our own. Never give someone the right to rule over you.
  • Your loved one’s perception may help you to see yourself in a new light. So always listen to them.
  • You must have your own opinions and views.
  • You must know who are going to support you and who opposes.
  • Always remember what is important to you.
  • Clear the negativity from your life.
  • Don’t think too much about other’s opinion, when they are not important to you.
  • Stay positive.
  • Be really conscious about of who you surrounded yourself with.

Just act, don’t react

Most of our problems can be resolved if we stop ourselves from giving reaction on that to toxic people. Normally, people take less action and react more on things. Even a small issue can be turned into big because of wrong reactions. Is it really necessary to react on every single thing or statement? If the situation is in our favour then we act calmly or we can say that our mind, think twice before saying anything. People often respond according to their circumstances. Action is what that you take for doing something but reaction is something that makes you miserable. Generally, reaction comes quick, without much thought and makes you tense and aggressive. It pushes you out from your comfort zone, even sometimes you forced to react but most of the time you have freedom to take actions. It all depends on how you respond in different situations.

It is a human tendency, if someone gives his feedback to us then, we trust on their statement. If the feedback is positive then we feel happy and if they said something negative then we give quick reaction on that. We try to prove that we are right at our place. Even sometimes we get angry, because of their opinion we destroy our mood, we feel disturb and it affect our daily routine. It affects the tasks that are performed by us. In today’s world most of the people have judgemental nature. They are ready to make their judgemental statement about something or someone. They pass it to other people, they never mentioned here that, this is just their opinion, they put a surety stamp on their statement to prove that they are right. And what we do? We just hear something from other people and start getting in tense. It won’t affect them and their lives. It affects us, our producebility, our capability and ultimately our lives. So better think less and perform more.

I am giving you few examples, by which you can easily connect yourself from my words,

 If someone said that “oh you have a chubby face & you are so cute” then you take it in a positive manner but at the same time if someone said that “oh you are fatty & not in shape” then you start getting depressed and also you feel little bit anger inside you.

Or take one another example if you are good in your work, someone came to you and said that “you are doing your work in a great way” then you take it positively because it’s a positive statement about you but if someone comes to you and say that this is not the right way or he /she can do this work better than you, or you can do your work better than this, then what you feel? You will definitely give your response. You try to convince them about your work and by this you are just wasting your time because my dear, I assured you, no matter how much you explain about your work, if they disagree with your work in starting then they never believe in you. They simply wanted to distract you from your work and they did it by their words.

We should have a control over our reactions. Never give quick reaction on anything because it’s just upset you, sometimes silence is also an answer to your obstructer.

People, who try to bring you down or belittle you, will never harm you when you stop yourself from reacting on their non-sense gossips. Remember, it is your life, your way so decision must be yours. Never allow anyone to disrespect you or to take decisions regarding yourself. Your immediate reactions makes you angry and upset, it does not make anything better. Even sometimes, it worsens your relationships. It is better to give respond, if you feel your anger reactions then pause yourself for a second, take a breath and consider the situation.

Here are few strategies by which you can stop yourself from reaction –

Always prefer actions – Constantly choosing to act instead of reacts, is the only way to stay calm and live happily. And when you act, you don’t have time for regrets, you do more stuff. So give preference to actions instead of reaction.

Learn to control your emotions- When your emotions are under control then it will automatic stop yourself from giving reactions. Try to learn it.

Stay away from the negativity – Remember, reaction is the negative term, which comes from negativity and aggressive behaviour. Stay away from the source of negativity within you. Think positive, stay positive.

Always respond instead of reaction – Before reaction, pause yourself for seconds, take long breathe, and let the initial emotions pass. And you will see how you respond differently on any particular situation.

Your Actions make you everything

Everyone has a dream, everyone wants to fulfil his or her desire, everyone wants success in life but only few are there who achieve it. And this is because many of us only think about it, no one want to take actions. Nothing good happens in life if you sit ideal and living in your dream world. Your action makes you everything. If you want to do something in your life then you should be take action for what you want, for your desire. No one can achieve something in life without doing anything. There are only two types of people in this world, successful people and unsuccessful people, and the basic difference in between them is just the actions that they took in their lives.

Action is steps that you continuously take to achieve your goal, action is what that takes you from where you are to where you want to go, it is something that improve yourself and take you to headway. Your action is something that realized you the future can be better than the present.

If you want to migrate your dreams into reality then you should be take required actions. Remember the path which takes you towards success is not easy, it demands your time, your hard work, your willingness, your dedication, actions and sometime your sacrifice too. Keep my words in your mind always, give importance only to those who encourage you, who motivates you, and remind you about your dreams, the one who boost you up with positivity and energy.

Stay away from those who pull you down or spread negativity around you, the one who discourage and demotivate you. They are the people who don’t want to do anything better in their life and just want to bring you on their level. Let them go from your life. If you have a bitter past experience then just remember it like a lesson.

If you truly want to achieve something in life then set a goal, do analysis which actions you require, promise to yourself that you will achieve your dream at the cost of your hard work, your time and never stop yourself until you achieve it.

Start to take actions every day; don’t waste your valuable time only in dreaming. No one can do this for you, you are the only one who makes your dream comes true. Only talking about what you want is a different thing, and taking actions on a practical ground to make things happen according to you, is totally different thing. So speak less and perform more.

Look, if you want success in your life then you have to set the priority of everything. What comes to you first and what comes last, only you can decide. Set a time period for yourself, and make a resolution that you have complete this task in specific time. It helps you to make your concentration only on one specified task, and you will give your best. Without actions life is nothing.  

Dear friends, it doesn’t matter from where you belong, what you are, what you do for living, what you did in your past; there is always a room inside you for development.  At any stage of life, you can bring yourself at another level. If something require for this, only your actions.

Always open yourself to learn new things, keep growing. Never stop yourself from learning new things. Acquire as much knowledge as you have. If you want then you can beat the world. You are strong enough to achieve everything that you want from life, just take right actions. You should be analysis every possibility of the things that you are going to do. Always make plans before doing anything because a well organize task has more possibility of success.

Life is too short to put up with fools

Life is too short to put up with fools

Yes, I totally mean it. This world is totally amazing place. Here we meet several people, some ofthem are our good friends but some are here only to make us feel ignominious. We all deal with that types of people, they are everywhere, in your workplace, your neighbourhoods and in your relations. Fools take away your joy from you. We all have some people in our life who are always the reason of our problems or irritations. They are the people who are always tries to demean you. Whenever you involve in any conversation with them, they always show that they know everything, they are right at their place and you are wrong. They always put you down.
If you want to keep focused on moving forwards on your way towards your goal, it’s better to ignore them and their talk because they only want to distract you from your aim, they want to demotivate you and just bring you down to their level. So better, don’t give them importance.
Even every one of us surrounded by some people who are always acting like an intelligent person but truly they are fool in our perspective. These types of people never encourage you with the things that you have or that you are doing. On a practical ground of life, we have to deal with them, even sometime we feel frustrated, for example if you are doing something good that is really appreciable, but they come to you to realize that you are wrong or it’s a wrong method of doing that particular work.
Even they find something bad in your healthy conversation. These people always try to manipulate the things or the conversations which they had with you. And because of their behaviour we feel irritated and we give them reactions. They just want to annoy us and draw us into a battle. Normally what we do, we also involve in the nonsense conversation with them because we feel confused, we try to explain them that they should change their behaviour or their way of thinking but our opinion doesn’t matter to them and we simply waste our energy and time on them.
 I am giving you a following trait by which you can identify the fools –

·         Fools believe that they are always right and whatever you are saying is just nonsense.
·         They always start an argument and try to pull you in that.
·         While involving in an argument they start shouting to prove that they are right.
·         They concentrate only on their points, even they don’t want to listen about your opinion
·         They always talk behind your back, someone else tell you that the particular person was saying so and so about you.
·         They always try to show that they are more capable as compare to you.
·         They shows that their qualification is worth and you just have theoretical you don’t know practically about things
·         They are short tempered. They lose their calmness within a minute.
·         If someone tells them to keep their nose out from any matter, they don’t listen.
·         They always try to disturb other’s personal life.
·         They know that you or your loved one don’t give them footage but they continuously try to connect with you just to create disturbance in your life
·         They are careless, these types of person only think about themselves, only about their priorities.
Fools are problematic. They destroy their own lives as well as ours too. So it is better to stay away from them.
But here I mentioned some ways by which you can easily deal with them without any tension.
1.       Never give them importance – Neither give importance to them nor their talk. Look, fools are just a part of our life, just like a daily use thing. Don’t give them importance in your life. 
2.       Try to deny their presence– It is the best way to stay away from them. Just neglect them and their presence. Feel like they are not around you.
3.       Never involve in any argument with them – Argument with a fool is totally pointless. They never agree with you, so better keep quite yourself. Or suggesting the best way, whenever you feel that you are going to involve in an argument with them, stop yourself here and tell them “They are right”.
4.       Don’t stretch any topic with them – Never escalate the conversation with fool. You can’t control other’s nature or behaviour but you can control yourself. So better, deescalate your conversation with them.