Consequences of Gossip

Consequences of Gossip

Do you feel bad when people gossip about you? In today’s world everyone is ready for giving comments and unwanted suggestions or their opinions. This is the habit of some people that they always try to pull down someone.

We all use social media, when we see a picture of someone, our virtual commenter turn on, which is in our mind, it starts giving comment that “wow, she is pretty”, “oh, she is looking ugly” or “what kind of dress it is” “what’s wrong with her makeup” etc. etc. Even you are not going to type your comment on that particular picture but your mind start itself to give comment.

Normally people comment on those whom, they cannot compete with. And that is the basic reason of their unwanted gossip because they are not able to achieve at your level that is why they try to pull you down or belittle you. They don’t like you because their ego doesn’t allow them to do this.

People, who look upward in their lives, don’t get affect by unwanted gossips or comments. But normally this kind of statements hurt a lot to the one; you gave your statement only if he or she knows what you think about them.

Don’t feel afraid when people gossip about you because you are above from their level. And if you are gossiping about anyone, always remember you are giving your energy to that person and you pull yourself down from your level.

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Why people gossip about someone

Do you ever wonder why people gossiping about someone? Because their ego level is so high, they think that they know everything, they always act like they are the best but the reality is, they cannot reach your level they cannot achieve what you have so they try to pull you back because it takes a lot of effort to achieve a higher level and they don’t have that much courage to get success in their life so they always gossips about others.

They always keep commenting about others, their friends, relatives and family member. Even sometimes we also see this type of people in our relatives or in our friends list, they love gossips whenever you meet them, they start talking about others life, they never focus on the conversation about their family or any current or general issues, they just try to show that how is the life of others or how other’s behaviour or anything that take you to the negative perspective.

These types of people try to bring someone down by making them look bad in the eyes of others. Gossiping is one way of disrespecting others without knowing them properly. One, who always gossips about others, spreads only negativity. And if we also join them in their nonsense talk, then we are equally guilty.

At our workplace, here are also few people always available to start gossiping about other. What happen in someone’s personal life? How much appraisal he or she got? How he works, his relations with boss or anything about related to someone’s life. These people always ready to make gossips, ready to frustrate you at any time. So better, be aware of that people, don’t think too much about them

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How to stop yourself from gossiping about others

If you want to be successful in life then always remember your energy is not supposed to go outwards, it has to go always inwards.

Don’t waste your time in gossiping about others; always utilize your time to improve yourself because this is the right way to achieve your goals.

 If you are gossiping about someone then remember you are just wasting your energy and your valuable time that never come back again, as well as you are spreading lies, disrespect and hate at the same time and all this things makes you more negative person nothing else.

This is totally your loss, by gossiping about someone you just inferior your own image, your own personality.

Remember no one is perfect, if you don’t like someone then this is totally your choice, your problem but it does not mean that you have a right to talk about the one you hate, or to disrespect that person you hate, you cannot spread lies about someone.

Everyone has that habit of gossiping. But what kind of gossip you are spreading, it is matter. If you are talking something positive about someone or you are truthful with your statement then, gossiping is not bad in that case.

 After all everyone has the right to share their point of you but if you are negatively represent someone just because of your ego and on the bases of your dislikes then gossiping is not tolerated in that case. So better live your own life happily and keep your nose out from other’s personal life.

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