Why confidence is must for every woman and how to develop it

Why confidence is must for every woman

Confidence is must for every woman. A “confident woman” can do anything, she can achieve anything in life, because she knows the right way, she knows about her wants and desires, she knows how to explore her dreams. So are you confident enough? Dear ladies, confidence is something you develop over time. Being confident does not mean, to create a wallpaper of “show off” over your comfort zone.
 You need to understand that when you leave your comfort zone and try to find out the better version of yourself, meet with new challenges of life then it build up automatically. If you are doing good in your life and you don’t want to face any challenges, just want to enjoy the moment where you are, it shows that you are matured enough. 
But do you have that much confidence that you can show your self-worth to other or let realize them that you are unbeatable, unstoppable.
What is Confidence
Confidence is all about feeling sure of yourself and your abilities. Nobody born with it, it is something that build up with time. It’s a mental state in which we feel secure and fearless. Confidence is something that shows your inner strength, your willingness . 
It is shown in your actions, your way of talking, your dressing sense. How fearless you are ? How you take risks in your professional as well as personal life ? and how you tackle certain situations ? These things shows how much confidence you have…


How to develop confidence
Be surrounded by positivity – if you want to feel confident then start to spend your time with positive people. Remember, nobody is being confident with negative thoughts. Positivity is the best way to feel confident.
Make habit to read something good everyday – Try to read something valuable, knowledgeable every day. When you read good thoughts or good articles then you improve your knowledge as well as positivity. It helps to develop confidence. Because when you know more, you make yourself more sure about things.
Take enough sleep– If you are not taking enough sleep, you feel low and tired all day. And in this case, if you already have so much confidence, it looks like zero. Because of tiredness your face shows nothing. It banks. So take enough sleep.
Facial expression– your facial expression shows so many things about you. If you are talking to someone and your face shows nothing then the conversation which you had with someone is not valuable.
Voice toneProper voice tone is also a part of being confident. It does not mean that talk loudly or too slow. Maintain your pitch of your voice. A right thought with improper voice tone destroys the value of your words but “A right thought with proper voice modulation makes everyone in your favour”
Eye contact– It is one of the important part of being confident. If you want to look confident then always make eye contact with those whom you are talking with. It’s human tendency that human understand well when something said to them while making eye contact.
Body language– body language is also important to look confidence. It makes a quick and positive impact to those who are listening to you.
Body posture– imagine you are sitting somewhere like a home  for attending a conference, what people think about you ? or what impression you give to them ? So always maintain your body posture when you are outside from your home.
Dressing sense– if you dress well then people already get impressed  to you without saying a word. It’s human nature that they give preference to look more than knowledge. How much knowledge you have, it shows when you start talking but your dressing sense say everything about you without saying a single word. So make sure your dressing sense is good. Always wear the clothes in which you look decent, and beautiful. Exposure, not always works especially in terms of your professional life.
Always be true to you – It’s tough to show people what you are not actually. So be what you are. Don’t try to be someone that you are not.
Show gratitude and compliments to other – Let them know how pretty you are from inner side by complimenting them. Giving is always better than receiving so show your gratitude whenever it’s necessary.
Quality of leadership – You need to develop a good quality of leadership in yourself. Your leadership skill makes you more confident. Try to develop it.
Spread your smile– Smile is the best dress that anyone can wear. Your smiling face shows your confidence level. And a girl with smiling face can gets attention easily. So whenever you go outside wear a smile. 

Why people are never satisfied with what they have

      Hungriness is in the nature of human being. People are never satisfied with what they have. They always want something better, something more valuable. Our wants and desires are never-ending. It is not always about our needs. Generally, everybody wants more than his or her needs, you can say that it is our greed. The desires of human are unlimited. If one has home, then he wants to buy a car, if he affords car, then a better life partner, more money, luxury life etc. We all are in the race of wanting something better in our life. It’s a universal truth, may be few people are exception, but mostly have the same thinking. We always try to achieve something better in life, if you have a good job then you want promotions. If you have your own company then you want to make it bigger with higher turnovers. 
It all happens because when we look around ourselves then there are always some people around, who are doing good as compare to us. Sometimes due to jealousy and sometimes because of competition, we want to achieve more and more in whole life. And because of this, we never satisfied with what we have.

Generally, it’s good that we want to achieve something more in our life. And we always do good and try at our level best for whatever we want. I am not saying that it is a bad habit, but due to this competition we forgot to enjoy little things some moments that will never be back again, moments that we can’t live again. Here I am giving you a very small example: How many of you have infants in your home, may be your own kids. You don’t realize that when your little bundle of joy, your munchkin  becomes toddler. Did you remember that tiny feet step with whom your baby started walking ? A child laugh is one of the only purest thing in this world. Nothing is better than this. You can forget your all worries after seeing a child laugh. Your parents, who are getting older day by day, how much time you gave to them ? Do you get them back in future after losing them ? Your partner who wants only your time, with each passing day he or she also getting older. You never get back them as same. Only few planned trips, or some enjoy in weekends,  is it really enough for your loved ones ? Ask from yourself, are you giving your best to your family ?

Look, I don’t mean that you are wrong, or you should not do work hard for achieving your dreams. You can do anything you want but I just want to say that are you happy with your life or your loved one’s also happy ? It’s all about how you managed your life or how you balanced it ?
So let’s come to the topic, here are some reason’s why you never satisfied with things that you already have :

High expectations – It’s a very big reason of never get satisfied with things. Our expectations are something that also drive us. NO matter how much we achieve in life, it won’t stay long so we want more. We set some goal yesterday, today we achieve it and again in next moment we set another goal to achieve. This cycle always works in continuation.

Other people have something that is better than what we have– Its all about facility that we have, fashion trends, lavish lifestyle and because the bad habit of comparing our lives with others, or you can say because of our competitional spirit.

Jealousy factor – We all denied it but somewhere inside ourselves we all have that little thing called jealousy. It is also a big reason of our unsatisfaction. Many of us are not that type but all human being are not similar.

We never appreciate the things that we have – We all know that it’s true. Even we don’t want to talk about the things that we already have in our life. We don’t want to see those who are at middle or lower class as compare to us. We always look at upper higher class so we never get satisfied.
One more important thing here is, if we feel satisfied we would never be motivated to do anything in life. It is the biggest way to being motivated. You keep busy yourself always to achieve something new and important.

How to deal with it :

                                               It is important to control these type of unsatisfaction from life, due to this you can’t live a happy life. Don’t compare your self from others. Self satisfactions is must if you want to leave this habit. In order to achieve self satisfaction you must stop yourself from looking in everyone’s life. Try to understand that everyone has their own space and their own lifestyle. It is not necessary that we also have the same thing that the other one has. Never underestimate yourself and your achievements.

Start celebrate your small victories and wins. Be happy with whatever you have. Understand one thing that it’s not always possible to get success all the time people try several times for getting success after that they achieved, so never assume that you get success every time in your first attempt for things.
Always show gratitude to those who are good to you, not just from external side but from depth of your heart.
I almost say in my every post that meditation is a very good therapy for everything so you can also try this.

Dream doesn’t have an expiration date

Life is not only about work, sleep eat and repeat. It’s more than this. Do you really understand the real meaning of life ? How many of you are satisfied with your work ? 
Do you enjoy your work ? 
How many of you achieve the same that you wanted to do in your future ?

Everyone has a dream, and people try to fulfil it. Sometimes we just turn back from our dreams due to some responsibilities. People only concentrate on getting enough money for family. And their dreams conceal behind their needs. We stop ourselves to chase them. With the passage of time a crust of dust assemble to your dream. Even we forgot that we also has some dreams, we also wanted to something different in our life.

If the same thing happened with you, so this article will be change your mind set totally.

Dear friends, “Dream doesn’t have an expiration date”. It’s a great quote for motivate yourself.
It might be possible that you wanted to see yourself as a successful businessman. But due to some circumstances you couldn’t be that person. You can take any example of your dream, whatever you wanted to do or wanted to be in your life. But you couldn’t fulfil your dream. 

No matter how many time you got failed, try again. Remember it’s never too late to start over. A person who has dream, also has the courage to fulfil them. If anything is require, it’s only to take a step towards your goal which you dreamt about. You can restart your journey at any point of life. 

A very famous phrase “Better late than never”, but you have to awake on the call of time because time slips just like sand from your hand. If you missed it then you may never know when you will get the opportunity again.

 Are you a day dreamer ? Look, I don’t believe in any kind of fiction, I just believe in “Karma”. Your willingness of doing something, “Steps that you will take for achieving your dreams” believe only on that. Keep yourself out from the world of fiction.

The world of dreams has limitless. It will never be end, then why we stop ourselves from seeing a dream. Dreams has no boundaries but we have, so why don’t we try again to achieve them now ? Why can’t we take out enough time from our busy schedule for making our dreams true ?

My only moto to write this article is, to wake you guys up. Before writing about it, I googled this topic but I found, it’s only a  famous phrase. So I tried to describe this great phrase and I hope it will be helpful for all those who forgot about their dream.

It’s true, that dream doesn’t have an expiration date but we have. 
Nobody knows that how long we will stay here in this beautiful world so let’s take a breath and prepare yourself for making some good decisions. 
Decisions that will be helpful for you while taking steps towards your destination.

One more thing,the benefit to start too early is, with time you can do so many experiments that will give you experiences and that experiences will going to be helpful all your way in life. And if you will start later then you have to perform in any situation, at that moment you don’t have time for experiments. You just work hard for your goals, so better, think today, now. And go ahead towards your dreams. 

Life always gives you a second chance.

        Nobody is in the world who could say that He never face failure in life. Everybody has gone through from this, at some point of their lives. One can not say that he or she never face failure in life. Every time you get failure in life, you learn a lesson. 
No matter how many mistakes you did in your past, no matter how tough your journey was, no matter how many times you got failed in life.

“Life always gives you a second change, it’s called tomorrow”. 

Everyone has the possibility to correct their mistake or to try again for things that you couldn’t get. Everyday of life, is a new beginning, you can restart your journey from a new edge. It’s true that you can not rewind your life and make things correct, you always have to look forward in life to correct things.

Dear friends, life is not that much unfair, everyday is a new change, each day remind us that it’s never too late to start over. Yes it’s true that if you lost someone in your past then you can’t get them back but you always have a chance to recreate your memories with a new start and fresh mind. It’s true that you have to try again for things that you didn’t get from your previous attempt.
Use your second chance wisely. Understand that if you will sit ideal at your place and just wait for let something happen then you will not achieve anything. You have to leave your comfort zone.  

Everybody deserve a second chance but not for the same mistake. If someone hurt you, and after few days he or she realized their mistake and come to you for apology then you should forgive him but make sure that he or she will not make the same mistake in future. Keep your eye on them, because if someone hurt you once then he can do the same again. Don’t trust blindly on anyone. 

This thought is only about those people who hurts you. It’s not necessary that everyone is same. Remember your all figure are not equal. Same with people, everybody is different, everyone has a different perspective.

But, if I talk about things, I must say, you always have a chance to make another attempt. It might be possible that you were preparing hard for any competitive exam or anything in your professional life and you couldn’t get satisfying result. Generally what people do, if they lost any kind of exam or anything then they start thinking “it’s very tough and I can’t do this or it’s not for me” it’s totally wrong, you must utilize your next chance. Try again for the same thing.

Wake up with the new hope, make yourself strong enough mentally, think positive, try again for the same thing with fresh mind, the only thing that counts is, what you do with those second chances which is given by life.

“Possibility of things” do come to your way like flights, they arrive they depart on the regular basis, you have to recognize it that which one will take you to your destination.
You can not change your past but you can try to make a better future for yourself. Life is so beautiful just like a camera, focus on what is important, you can capture all good moments, develop from negative and if it doesn’t work out, take an another shot.
Try to find out what is important for you at this moment, work on that, stay away from negatives and use your second chance in a right way, never let it go. Pick the opportunity at right moment. Remember you are lucky enough, if you are getting  opportunities to fulfil your dream.

Think Positive, Be Positive

According to Remez sasson “Positivity is mental and emotional attitude that focus on the bright side of life and expects positive results”.

It is not necessary that if a person is always looking cheerful and smiling then he or she is positive. Positivity refers your outlook towards life, your attitude towards different circumstances. It is an inherent quality that develops automatically when you see everything with a positive perspective. When you try to focus on the bright side of everything and expect positive results then you start creating a positive environment around you. Your way of thinking always impact on your actions. Having  a positive attitude means making positive thinking a habit.

What is your perspective towards life?

How you see the challenges which come into your life?

Which kind of personality you have ? Pessimism type or optimism type ?

  Have a look at above image, and tell me what you see ?

 if you say that the glass is half empty then you have a pessimist personality. A person who thinks that bad things are more likely to happen or one who emphasizes the bad part of any situation, is a pessimist.
And if you say that the glass is half full then you are an optimist person. A person who always believes that good thing will happen or someone who believes that good things are more likely to happen, is a optimist person.

Your perspective towards life define your personality. Positive people are the source of energy that lifts all. Nobody likes negativity. If you have a negative personality then you need to bring some changes into yourself. Sometimes loneliness is the biggest reason of negativity. Because when you are alone, you think about all probabilities of any situation. So if you like to be alone, leave this habit now. Try to be with plenty of people like friends or family or your colleagues. 

Your positive mental attitude will help you everywhere, in personal as well as professional life.

Positive attitude will lead you to out of the darkest of times. If you want to glow externally then you should be learn to love yourself. Always keep your faith with you because it’s a strongest weapon in hard times. 
Don’t think too much about something, remember, everything is not under your control. Just try at your level best for things and let them happen. Your positive approach will take you so far towards your journey of success, people will feel happy when they will spend their time with you. Your family will also be happy when they will see that you are happy.

Here are some tips to stay positive

Sleep well – Yes it’s very important to take at least 7 -8 hours for sleep because when you sleep well, you and your mind feel fresh and it automatically generate positive vibes.

Keep smiling – It takes very low effort to wear a smile on your face but it effects your whole personality. It’s a human tendency that if you look at someone and he or she is smiling at that time you also feel little bit positivity about them. You can impress anyone with a lovely smile.

Make goals – it will give you more positive outlook towards life. When you set a goal for yourself, you feel more positive and confident and you try to achieve them.
Meditation and yoga – Research shows that meditation and yoga helps to stay calm and positive, and both are good for your mental health, you can find inner piece by doing this.

Show gratitude to others – It helps you to feel more positive, when you give respect to someone, that time actually you are making a way to get respect for yourself. Be thankful for those who are doing something for you. Start appreciating people, it will enhance your relationship with others. If you like something then start giving compliment, by this you can develop a positive approach.

Do some exercise – It can help you to fight with depression and anxiety.

Do whatever you enjoy – When you do something you love then you feel distracted from negativity. So take some time from your busy schedule and do whatever you like.

Try to Surrounded by positive people will help you to stay positive. You also get positivity from positive persons. Make friends who encourage to do good things.

Stay away from the people who gives you negative thoughts or negativity by their words.
Spend some quality time with your family, because they are your true well wisher, your family will always help to create happiness and positivity around you.

Always open to learn new things, when you always busy in doing  something’s  then you don’t have time to generate negative thinking in your mind, so keep busy yourself in learning new things, by this you can enhance your skills as well as stay positive.

Stay focus on your aim – Whatever you want to achieve in your life, just focus on that. Think big, dream big and do big. Always follow this strategy, keep this in your mind that what you getting from your life and what you want. Ask everyday from yourself that you took any step today to achieve your aim or not.

Make plans – Always make plans before doing something because a well organised task may have more changes to get success. And also it will help you to be positive.

Stay happy, Healthy and positive.

Best Friends For life : Husband and Wife

           Marriage is a relation where two people become one soul and share their everything with each other. They laugh together, they cry together, they love each other unconditionally. Sometimes they have different thoughts and opinions but after few hours they leave their arguments in middle because of their love. 
Patience, love and forgiveness are the three qualities that are important for happy married life.
They are the true friends who shares every joy and sorrow, who faces every situation. Two strongest pillar of happy family.

           A man who does everything for his girl. He always try to earn enough money to fulfil his girl’s every dream and desire. And a girl who takes her every step only for her man. She cares her man and his house, and makes his house “A beautiful home”.

If a couple is truly in love then there is no difference between “Home” and “Heaven”.

                   Is your relationship going in a right direction ? Are you both best friends first, and hubby and wife later ? Is your partner understand your every feeling without saying a single word ? If your answer is “Yes” then congratulation you are on the right track and if your answer is “No” then my dear you need to bring some changes  into your relationship. 
       Let me explain you one thing that you can’t change your partner without knowing that you are right on your place or not. It might be possible that you also need to bring some changes into your behaviour. No one is perfect and you can not change anyone suddenly. Some people says that if you truly love someone then you should be accept your partner as he/she is. 
      But I am not believe in this thought. Because when you share your whole life with someone and come to practical ground it is not always possible that other one is always right. Sometime you don’t like the habit or opinions of other one and you think that it must be require some changes. But you can’t say this to your loved one and keep things in your mind. And as a result, you get irritation and lack of interest or you can say that You feel frustrated.    

In some cases neither the male nor the female will have required qualities so these relationships will always end up with tragedy. For them, a single word is enough to destroy their mental balance.                                                                                    
             Mutual understanding is a base of any relationship. If you understand well your partner then things go smoothly. Never lie to your soul mate because there is no place for lie in your relationship. 
Fiction is the biggest enemy of trust. And trust is one of the strongest pillar of relationship. Never keep secrets from your partner. Always be open to admit your mistakes. We are human beings, so off course It’s possible that one can make a mistake but if you did it then you must be apologize from the depth of your heart. You should be realize that you will never do the same mistake in future. Never break the trust of your partner. And never stop communicating with your partner no matter what the situation is. Always try to communicate with your partner even if you are in a long distance  relationship with your soul mate.

       Look, life is so beautiful with love and if you have someone in your life,  just give your true love to them because you both are connected by an imaginary thread that is love. Make your bond stronger with love, care and affection.

                               Husband and wife, both are the two different side of the same coin. A true couple will never be apart from each other. They always find a reason to stay together. They never search for excuses to blame each other because they know that their love is much stronger than false fights. They are the true friends for the whole life. 

How lovely is that you will spend your whole life with the person you love. Some little arguments, fights and  sabre rattling is temporary, if something is permanent, that is only Love “A true Love” which never ends, long lasting, and always with you till your last breath. Your hairs will turn grey, eye sight may weak but one person will always love you, your “Llfe Partner”. 

Importance of Self Motivation

 Dear Readers, 
                      we all know the power of motivation. It’s a secret of success. When someone motivates you in a right way, you feel an extra energy inside you to achieve your goals. But it’s not necessary that you always have someone to motivate you or to teach that what is good for you or how to fulfil your dreams. So one can need motivation from themselves. 
It’s a trick that pushes you to achieve your goals and to make yourself stay focused. It’s something that drives you to do thing. It will take your confidence to the next level. A self motivated person never depend on others.  If you are a self motivated person then you can find opportunities and possibilities in tough situations also. New ideas and thoughts will automatically come to your mind.

You will never feel the fear of failure, if you are truly motivated.

Are you also doing something to being self motivated ? You can ask to any successful person, they all are self motivated. They found their own reason to achieve their dreams. If you are seeking about the right way to get success then it is one of them.

Let me give you a simple example of self motivation. When I started blogging, I was afraid from the people response. I didn’t know that people will like my articles or not. I used to ask my friends about their opinion regarding my articles. But after some time I realised that I really enjoy my work and I started motivate myself to write about those topics which is coming into my mind. And now I am getting positive responses from several countries. People read my article, they like it and subscribe it. I got so many mails regarding my blog.

Now I don’t have any kind of fear or issue about my writing skills. By God’s grace, I am surrounded by so many positive people who gives me positive vibes to write more articles regarding inspiration and motivation. I feel strengthen myself as compare to before, I don’t think about what people will say about me or my post. It’s all happened because of self motivation.

              If you want to be a self motivated person then remember one thing, you should be start to think positive. You have to turn your failure in good lessons. Always surround yourself with positive and happy people, because positive people will always help you to find the right path in your life. They will always encourage you to do good things. Your negative self talk will be automatically positive after being with them.

Your self motivation will surely help you at every step of your life. It helps you during your difficult times, and you will never be afraid to take any step in future. Do whatever you like without thinking about people. Don’t think that what happen if someone make fun of you ?

Always be hungry about your dreams and goals. Make a habit to read something positive daily. And stay focused.

How to overcome from “The Fear of Rejection”

  Did you ever feel the fear of rejection ? Many of us faced this fear at some point of our life.
       When you don’t trust on yourself and feel low about your personality, your skills, looks or your behaviour. At certain point, you feel that people won’t except you or approved of you due to your lack of confidence. It’s called the fear of rejection. 
Because of this fear sometimes you do the things that normally you don’t do. You start feel nervous and uncomfortable. You think like if someone will say no to you then what will happen ?
 But sometimes it’s ok to be rejected.
Have you ever felt uncomfortable and scary while an interview ? 
There are some common symptoms of the fear of rejection like sweaty palm and forehead, increased heart rate, trouble in speaking. This type of behaviour leave a negative impression on your interviewer. Because of your insecurity you may lose a good opportunity.
 I am not taking only about an interview, You can consider any phase of your life when you face this fear. Like marriage proposals or blind dating. Your mind put you in a situation where you think that if someone reject you then you will break from inside. You don’t give your 100% because of this fear. 
It’s make you believe that you can’t achieve your dreams. It puts you in deep anxiety. And it’s really hurt you. You start thinking  that no one is interested in you or you can not fulfil someone’s expectations. You stop yourself from sharing your personal opinions with other, because you think people will laugh on you.
Here I am giving you some powerful tips to overcome from your Fear of rejection.
You have try to improve your self confidence.  Remember your self confidence is a key of success. Try to believe in yourself. Start meditation and yoga, it will definitely help you to rebuilt yourself.
Keep focusing on your goal. Don’t trust on some negative thoughts that is coming into your mind. Just believe that you can do it. Whatever task may given to you, will be surely done by you.
Be yourself, stop coping other’s behaviour. You have to understand that everyone has there own behaviour and everyone has a unique  personality. When you start coping other’s nature you are losing your own identification.
Try to share your opinion or thoughts with others, don’t think about people that they will make laugh or they will disagree from you. Let’s raise your voice.
Remember that every bad experience of life will definitely teach you something. So don’t be scary about what is going to be happen with you in the next moment. If you got rejected then don’t worry, you will get a better opportunity in near future.
Never show your insecurity in behaviour. If you feel insecure for a certain moment then take a long breath, do remember a good moment of your life, Make yourself smile and keep only one thing in your mind that you can surely do it and “everything  is well”.
Just do your “Karma” don’t think about what you will get in return. Because if you are really honest and did your job well then you will get result in your favour.
Never stop yourself from learning new things. You should be improve your skills, always work on it.
Always be positive. Keep positive vibes in your mind. Think that “whatever will happen, will happen for the good”. 

By following these easy ways you can surely overcome from “The fear of rejection”. Remember nobody is perfect. People fail, people learn and they improve themselves for the better future. 

So Never feel low due to some small rejections. You will surely get, what you deserve in your life. 

How to keep the “Spark Alive in a Relationship”

        In the starting days of a relationship you are full of love and excitement. You think that you are    the luckiest one, who has everything in the world. The touch of your loved one gives you goosebumps, it is that feeling of butterflies in your stomach. 
    But after few years, with the passage of time as you grow older, everything has changed. You don’t give proper time and attention to each other due to your responsibilities towards your family. You don’t walk hand in hand like before. Habits of your partner which you loved first, makes you irritated now. You feels flat with each other. 
    It all happens because your relationship is matured enough. And you both are not giving desire attention to your relation. It doesn’t mean you both don’t love each other, you are still in love but you both thinks that your love does not need any kind of validation. You both wait for each other to make the first move. You don’t want to initiate from your side. And It is the biggest reason of “losing spark in relationships”.

 It’s important to keep things interesting in a relationship. Bring the spark back in your relationship. Because, one can not live happily without Love. Let your spouse know you love them.

I am giving you some tips to Bring the spark back.
  •          Sharing is caring – Let’s start share your thoughts with each other. Why don’t you sit together for a hot coffee and share your idea’s with your partner. Healthy communication is the base of any relationship. Share whatever comes to your mind with your loved one. Let them know about your day & activities.
  •       Remember your old days together – You can look your old photos or videos together. Remember your partner’s silly things or talks which make you both smile.

  •   Let him know how much you care about him/her. Show your affection.


  •  Give them compliments, like if your man is looking nice in a shirt, give him a compliment.      
  •  Appreciate the efforts that your partner did for you.
  •  Sometimes a hug can say everything that you can’t say. Give them a cuddle.
  •  If you both are engaged in an argument, it’s better to quiet at that time. Tell them your words when they are in a good mood.
  •  Take breaks from your busy schedule and let’s go out somewhere. You can plan short trips.
  •  Make something delicious for them that they like the most.
  •   Go for a evening or night walk with each other just like before. Take their hand in your hand and walk for a mile.
  •  Say Them how much you love him/her. Many of us think that it’s not mandatory to say “love you” to your spouse but dear I am telling you It’s a great healer. This three words give your partner a feel good feeling.
  •  Go for a movie date in which you both are interested like previously.
  • Put your phone down and let’s start a healthy conversation with your dear one.
  •   Whenever you are saying something to your love make sure that you both are looking at each other. Because your brain feel more connected to your better half through eye contact.
  •   Laugh together because it’s a great therapy. If you want to keep your spark alive then try this.
  •   Physical intimacy is important in any relationship it’s a strongest way to connect with your loved one so maintain it.
  •  After having kids, it’s tough for you both to manage all the things but takes things easily. Give your attention, affection and love to your  kids. Because they will learn whatever they are seeing. Having kids is also a greatest gift from God. So love them unconditionally. Play with them together. And you will see a “happy family”.
        One more thing that I never forget to say is, be kind, be humble and be polite with your partner. No relationship will always remain the same. But you can take some small steps to live happily with your love. Keep your spark alive.

How to make other’s happy and give them a reason to smile.

Making someone happy is the best way to spread happiness, because you never know that what someone’s day is like, what trouble they are facing in their life. It may be possible that your one smile, make someone feel better. The best part of spreading smile is, it makes someone’s entire day more beautiful. Instead of spreading hate we should be spreading love and joy. We all want to do something unique and beneficial for the world. But we don’t. Everyone has their own excuses. Like don’t have time, or money.

     I also wanted to do something for this world. So I started this blog, I know it’s a small contribution but if after reading my thoughts you feel inspired and encouraged so it’s enough for me. I will be glad that someone taking advantage from this. Why we don’t take small steps to make others happy or to do something for this world ? Because many of us don’t know, where to start ? If you also think the same then I am giving you an idea.
Give your helping hand to some needy people. Many of this world, who doesn’t have anything for living their life. You can give them a hope. Your old clothes, or your leftover food. 
So many people on the planet who suffer from hunger and die due to hunger. You can not help them all but you can help few or at least one. The last few bites of your plate will feed someone in need. 

If you have a lot of clothes that you don’t wear anymore then you can donate your old clothes, it helps needy people.

When you do things for others, something good happens for you too. It will make you feel good because you are doing something for a worthy cause.

     You can give small surprises to your loved one’s for making them smile, like a warm hug, small bunch of flowers, some genuine compliments . It all makes them wonder, they will be happy automatically after receiving your surprises.

You can share some inspirational or funny messages or images to your group. So the other member of the group, can smile.

Make a playlist for your dear one’s. Sometimes my husband do this for me and I really feel so happy while listening those amazing tracks.

Help someone in their work. Professionally or personally, you can help others. It may feels them good.

Be kind with everyone, because your kindness makes you a happy person.

Express your gratitude. Say thanks to your parents for giving you everything. Say Thanks to everyone who helps you.

Be polite. Talk softly with people you meet in your daily life. Spread happiness and joy to all. 

And let me know what’s your way to make other’s happy. I will be glad if you share your thoughts with me.